CCA classroom

Online Learning

Since you are not going to classes these days,
due to the current health directives, you might find it useful
to find another way to learn about the subjects we teach.

There are many online sources of instruction
that cover many areas of interest.

Below are some links of such offerings.

  • GCF Learn Free
    Click → GCF Learn Free
    This website has many offerings. At the top of its home page is the word "TOPICS." Click it to see all the subjects.
    Click → SJ Public Library or Click → Santa Clara County Public Library.
    These websites are the two library websites in Santa Clara county
    where you can get to for free, at least currently.
        At the SC County site, click "Learn 24/7" and in the drop down list, click " 7,000 Courses."
        At the SJ City site, hover over "Books & eLibrary" and then click "Online Learning." Then scroll down a bit and click
    You must enter your library card number and your library card pin to access from these library sites. has many video courses. At the top of the window, enter the topic or device you want to learn about.

  • Picasa

    Picasa is a program you install on your computer to manage, edit, view and share your photos. It was offerred by Google until March, 2016. Then Google introduced "Google Photos." It is not a program you install on your machine. On your computer it is simply a website you go to. On smartphones and tablets it is an app.
    For more details about Google Photos, click → Google Photos
    If you wish to install Picasa on a computer, contact Walt ( If you have a new machine, you will need to copy the pictures from wherever they were before and paste them to your new machine.